Living Pharma, Inc. develops Personalized CAR T Cell Therapy™.

Our universal Anti-Tag Chimeric Antigen Receptor (AT-CAR™) engineered T cell can be tailored to each individual patient’s cancer and disease phenotype.

AT-CAR T cells recognize a tagged tumor-targeting molecule, such as an anti-tumor antibody. Our tagged antibodies, Antibody Tag Conjugates™ (ATC’s™), direct the AT-CAR T cells to kill the tumor cells.

Current CAR T cells are engineered to bind to a single target, such as CD19. The universal AT-CAR T cells can target and eradicate multiple cancer types through the use of a panel of ATC’s, each ATC recognizing a unique tumor associated antigen.

Treatment can be fine-tuned through dosing of both AT-CAR T cells and ATC’s, to limit on-target off-tumor toxicities and to separate cytokine release from anti-tumor activity.

Choosing ATC’s that are tailored to the individual patient’s cancer and disease phenotype offers Personalized CAR T Cell Therapy.

Potential Applications for Personalized Care

Living Pharma offers tumor targeting molecules