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Living Pharma Signs Exclusive License Agreement with UMB for a Novel Universal CAR T Cell Platform Technology

Baltimore, MD, January 28, 2016 – Living Pharma, Inc. announced today that it has entered into an exclusive license agreement with the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) to develop Anti-Tag Chimeric Antigen Receptor (AT-CAR™) engineered T cell therapy. AT-CAR is a universal CAR T cell technology that enables the personalization of CAR T cell therapy to the individual patient’s cancer. Under the terms of the agreement, Living Pharma will gain exclusive rights to the development and commercialization of intellectual property developed at UMB by Drs. Eduardo Davila and Koji Tamada (US, Patent No. 9,233,125, issued January 12, 2016).

AT-CAR T cells recognize tagged tumor-targeting molecules, such as anti-tumor antibodies. Living Pharma's tagged antibodies, Antibody Tag Conjugates™ (ATC’s™), direct the AT-CAR T cells to kill tumor cells. Current CAR T cells are engineered to bind to a single tumor target, such as CD19. The universal AT-CAR T cell can target and eradicate multiple cancer types through the use of a panel of ATC’s that are selected based on the individual patient’s cancer and disease phenotype. Treatment can be fine-tuned through dosing of both the AT-CAR T cells and ATC’s, to limit on-target off-tumor toxicities and to separate cytokine release from anti-tumor activity.

"We are pleased to have obtained an exclusive license with the University of Maryland, Baltimore to develop  Personalized CAR T Cell Therapy(TM).  Living Pharma's AT-CAR platform offers an exciting innovation in the field of cellular immunotherapy, moving CAR T cell therapy forward towards more personalized therapy, and circumventing the evident limitations of current CAR T cell products.  We look forward to working with the University of Maryland to bring much needed cures to patients suffering from hematologic and solid organ cancer." said Mr. Ronald Dudek, founder and president of Living Pharma.

About Living Pharma

Living Pharma develops Personalized CAR T Cell Therapy™. We are focused on developing therapeutic immuno-oncology products optimized for each individual patient. Our universal Anti-Tag Chimeric Antigen Receptor (AT-CAR™) T cells can be tailored to the individual patient’s cancer and disease phenotype. The company is headquartered in Baltimore, MD. For more information, visit