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Personalized CAR T Cell Therapy™

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Current CAR T Cells

Current Chimeric Antigen Receptor(CAR) engineered T cells are engineered to express a receptor that recognizes a single tumor associated antigen (TAA). These CAR T cells are not effective at treating cancer that does not express this TAA. For example, relapsed disease caused by the loss or mutation of the TAA will not respond to these uni-specified CAR T cells.

CAR T Cells

Limitations of Current CAR T Cells:

  • Individual CAR T cell products must be developed for each individual tumor associated antigen.
  • CAR T cells are ineffective in treating cancer that lacks the TAA, for example, relapsed disease caused by antigen loss or antigen mutation.
  • The CAR is fixed to the CAR T cell and cannot be adjusted to control toxicities related to cytokine release syndrome or on-target, off tumor toxicity.

AT-CAR™ T Cell Therapy

Anti-Tag Chimeric Antigen Receptor (AT-CAR) engineered T cell therapy is comprised of the universal AT-CAR T cell and a panel of Antibody Tag Conjugates™ (ATC's™) which together enable the targeting of multiple tumor associated antigens. Choosing the optimal ATC or ATC's for the individual patient's cancer circumvents the limitations of current CAR T cell therapy.


Advantages of AT-CAR T Cell Therapy

  • The AT-CAR T cell can be directed to a multitude of tumor associated antigens by using different unique ATC's.
  • Choosing the right ATC or ATC's for the individual patient's cancer delivers optimized and personalized CAR T cell therapy.
  • Control of both the AT-CAR T cell and ATC dose enables the separation of cytokine release from anti-tumor activity, as well as provides a safety switch to turn off but not kill the AT-CAR T cell.